Estonian Crop Research Institute

Estonian Crop Research Institute is a state research and development institute in area of governance of  Estonian Ministry of Rural Affairs.   
The Institute has been formed after  reorganisation of Estonian Research Institute of Agriculture and Jõgeva Plant Breeding Institute on 1 July 2013.
Research and development  activities of the institute support increase of efficiency and competitiveness of agricultural production, mitigate negative impact of agricultural production on the environment and help in the maintenance of agrobiodiversity.
Institute carries out applied and basic studies in following areas: development and upgrade of efficient and environmentally friendly agrotechnologies, dependence of yield and quality formation from used varieties and agrotechnologies, plant protection, plant health, agrochemistry,  fertilisation, and agrometeorology.
For the purpose of maintenance agrobiodiversity,  the institute breeds new varieties of agricultural crops,  quarantees maintenance breeding of registered varieties,  preserves plant genetic resources and produces and distributes certified seeds of various agricultural crops.
Active national and international cooperation  with research and development institutes and universities  is directed towards increase of efficiency and scientific level of research.
Institute provides scientific expertise for advisory system, state officials and development of legislation.
Tight collaboration with farmers and industry is prerequisite for implementation of research results into the practice.